Ziemer Ophthalmology becomes an exclusive distributor for KeraKlear

Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG is pleased to announce that it has obtained exclusive rights for distribution in Germany, Switzerland and Austria of the innovative KeraKlear artificial cornea and the EndoInjector from Keramed Inc., Sunnyvale, California .

The KeraKlear Artificial Cornea is a medical device for the treatment of corneal blindness which can be implanted in the eye through a very small incision. It also has the advantage of not requiring a human donor cornea for implantation. It may be implanted in most patients with corneal blindness without penetration into the anterior chamber. This avoids two of the most serious complications of artificial cornea implantation including internal infection of the eye and severe bleeding. Its use also avoids the common complications of corneal transplantation including high astigmatism, corneal graft failure and corneal graft rejection. For many cornea blind patients the KeraKlear can be used as the first line treatment and only 5% of the corneal tissue is removed during implantation.

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