EyeWorld interviews Dr. Shiuey

KeraKlear Foldable Artificial Cornea: description, indications, and surgical technique.

Watch the interview of Yichieh Shiuey, MD by EyeWorld at ESCRS 2013 in Amsterdam. Dr. Shiuey is the inventor of the KeraKlear Artificial Cornea and founder of KeraMed, Inc. In this video he discusses the KeraKlear and it's benefits for Keratoprosthesis. Dr. Shiuey also talks about indications for the use of the KeraKlear as well as the surgical technique for implantation with a femtosecond laser through a lamellar pocket.

Watch the interview here:


Dr. Shiuey discusses the KeraKlear Artifical Cornea.

The KeraKlear Video won 3rd Place at the 2013 ESCRS Video Awards in the Innovative Category.

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