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Tan EndoGlide Licensing Press Release

Sunnyvale, California.  KeraMed Inc. has agreed to license Network Medical Products Ltd., Coronet Medical Technologies Ltd., Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Surgical Specialties Corp. its proprietary double coil no touch technology for endothelial graft insertion under U.S. Patent No. 8,029,515 and associated pending patents. Network Medical is the manufacturer of the Tan EndoGlide, which is distributed by the other licensees for treatment of…
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Dr. Kanellopoulos’ interview in Barcelona for Keratoprosthesis

In this video Dr. William F. Wiley interviews Dr. Kanellopoulos about the benefits of using the KeraKlear Artificial Cornea. Dr. Kanellopoulos discusses the benefits of using the KeraKlear Artificial Cornea and process of using a femtosecond laser to create the cornea pocket.
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KeraKlear Implantation Technique by Dr. Kanellopoulos

Keraklear Inlay keratoprosthesis in an aniridia keratopathy and glaucoma case. Dr. Kanellopoulos discusses the impantation of the KeraKlear using an intrastromal pocket at 300um using a Femto FS200 Alcon/Wavelight femtosecond laser for preparation. By: A. John Kanellopoulos, MD
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KeraKlear Artificial Cornea Implantation by Kashif Baig, MD

KeraKlear Artificial Cornea implantation procedure for the treatment of keratoconus after crosslinking. In this video Dr. Baig demonstrates the opening of the pocket using the new Shiuey Spatula. The video also demonstrates the KeraKlear Artificial Cornea insertion as well as the positioning and unfolding of the KeraKlear skirt. By: Kashif Baig, MD, MBA, FRCSC of…
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KeraKlear XT – Variable Thickness Foldable Non-Penetrating Artifical Cornea

The new KeraKlear XT models of the KeraKlear Artificial Cornea can now be implanted at variable depths to treat a wide variety of corneal conditions. Depths range from 200 to 700 microns in 100 micron steps to allow customized treatment of keratoconus, stromal corneal opacities and corneal edema. The KeraKlear is indicated for patients that…
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EndoInjector Instructional Video

The EndoInjector (Previously known as the Endoshield) is the latest generation device to enable delivery of a corneal graft for Descemet's Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK). This device is designed for simple one handed use and can deliver an 8 to 9 mm DSEK graft through a clear corneal incision as small as 3.2 mm. Clinical…
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VIDEO: SightLife CEO updates global cornea transplantation achievements, goals

WAILEA, Hawaii – At Hawaiian Eye 2015, Monty Montoya, president and CEO of SightLife, discusses the organization's achievements and future goals for making corneal transplants available worldwide. SightLife's focus is on cornea transplantation. Together SightLife, Ocular Systems and other partners have provided 20,807 cornea transplants globally in 2014. SightLife is the exclusive distributor for the…
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